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Civil Aviation Cabin Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to train qualified, responsible, respectful and self-confident professionals who truly understands the safety and the security of the World and Turkish Civil Aviation.

Our Vision

Air Transportation is the most preferred travelling method of our globalising world. Our vision is to raise fully qualified and respectful individuals who can adapt themselves to the growing air transportation sector. Following the rapid changes and the growing demand of the aviation sector, we are aiming to meet the demand of this sector by raising fully qualified individuals who have strong communication skills, are ready to adapt to any changes and improve the quality of the work, are prone to team works and adhere to the values of the organisations.

Our Future View

İnternational and national competition is very intense in the aviation sector. Due to this, our vocational school aims to train individuals who can give fast and accurate reactions to any situation, communicate effectively, have strong human relations, and be solution-oriented as well as who also follows the international aviation rules and have the ability to develop a strategic approach in the field of Civil Aviation.

Instructor Gamze AKDOĞAN

Civil Aviation and Cabin Crew is an associate two-year degree program that aims to train aviation professionals and cabin attendants in the 2021 and 2022 academic years to work in the fast-developing Civil Aviation sector worldwide. The primary purpose of this program is to train personnel who can adapt to the working conditions in the aviation industry, think quickly and solve any unexpected problems and have strong customer relations and effective communication skills.

What is cabin crew? The main purpose of cabin crew is to provide necessary safety and security measures in aircraft and provide passengers with a comfortable, safe and secure flight.

The Civil Aviation and Cabin Services department is rapidly developing, and it has become the main interest of our young generation. The program mainly attracts the attention of many students in the world and in our country.

The main purpose of our education program is to train our student’s to the highest industry standards and gain the required knowledge to enable them to provide the necessary service to the Aviation Sector. Our graduates, who are awarded the title of “Cabin Crew”, will be able to be employed in international and national airlines.

The content of our training program is organised to contribute to both the professional skills and personal development of individuals. Due to the fact that the language of aviation in the international arena is English, our program aims is allowing our students to increase their English language levels to allow them to work both nationally and internationally. Following on this, our program includes broad information on aviation history, development, safety, security and current updates on the sector.

Our program is designed to accommodate both individuals who want to work either on the ground or air. Our students, who do not want to be flight attendants, will have the opportunity to work in all businesses operating areas of the Civil Aviation organisations that provide services related to aviation. For example, they can be employed in the passenger and operational services of companies that carry out the airport, ground handling services and companies related to civil aviation.

The Civil Aviation industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors that has become very popular worldwide.  Anyone working in this field, whether a pilot, stewardess or technician, who inhales the apron’s air, is truly devoted to aviation and passionate about it. It is very difficult for people who have devoted themselves to the aviation industry it will be very difficult for them to stay away from aviation and aeroplanes. The biggest advantage of the profession is getting to know different people around the world, walking around the streets of unknown cities, seeing different countries and having international life experience. Being in aviation, being able to look at things from an aviator’s perspective is such an indescribable thing. If I want to briefly summarise the aviation profession from people who have worked in this sector for many years and from my own experience, here is the most spoken word in this sector “Anyone who swallows the dust of the apron will never leave.”

In line with the mission of our Vocational School, our biggest goal is to ensure that our students are raised as “respectable and highly qualified professionals who serve the sustainable development of our country, are sensitive to social problems and have a social responsibility, and prioritise professional, ethical values”.